Monday, October 21, 2013

Crypt Ghouls: Legio Throwdown Core Entry


Here's the first batch for my Vampire Counts Legio Throwdown Core entry. In actual, I already have a completely painted VC army but to my surprise, I still have many unpainted VC miniatures up to a point I can build another army. So for the Throwdown I'm fielding a 2000 points Ghoul themed army starting with the Ghouls in the pics below. The first batch is complete and I'm moving on to the second batch soon.

Normally, I would opted the easy way by painting flesh colors, and simply dip the minis in Minwax to get that instant wash effect. But this time I'm ditching the Minwax and went traditional. For the main Ghoul body, I started with Abadon Black as base, then Ungor Flesh for the second layer. Then a light drybrush of Ulthuan Grey and moved on to a heavy wash of Reikland Flesh Shade. After the wash dried up, a highlight of Ungor Flesh and further highlight of Screaming Skull to finish.

2nd batch
Seeing my limited hobby time nowadays, the quick painting scheme above does provide me ample time for me to finish the Ghouls quickly, hopefully. I've started the layering of Ungor Flesh on the second batch and aiming to finish by this week before the Force Recon tourney at Hobby Forge. I'm planning to throw in a scenery or terrain as well to compliment the Ghouls during the Throwdown if time permits. That's my update so far, I'll see you guys in the next post. Laters.....


  1. Your extras can make another army... wow... hahaha

  2. Lol..dont want to waste money mah..

  3. Nice progress bro!! Lokking forward to seeing your core all done up for the first throwdown. Good motivation to get mine done up.

    1. Thanks bro! About to finish my 2nd batch by tonight. Good luck with your skavens! :)



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