Monday, October 28, 2013

Crypt Ghouls 2nd Batch

Just finished these last night and I'm good for the first Legio Throwdown core entry. Pics per below.

I'm building a simple scenery which is a ruin temple to compliment all my VC entries. Any of you guys remember the "How to make Wargames Terrains" by Nigel Stillman way back in 1996? Well, I still have that book and reading it again revived my interest in building terrains. Maybe a wargame table. For now I'm starting slowly with the ruin temple per below.

The base and the ruin itself was made out of corrugated cardboard. The white residue you see on the terrain is actually water mixed plaster powder to cover the gaps of the cardboard. I'm going to get a ready made filler which is much simpler to use and less messy than the plaster powder. I will write more in the next post. Till then, laters...

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