Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Terrain Building: Ruined Temple

Hi all, I got side tracked a bit from my Legio Throwdown project by building a simple ruined temple. As mentioned in the previous post I'm kinda interested in building terrains again after reading the old but invaluable "How to make wargames terrain" book by Nigel Stillman. I've already started with the foundation in the last post and the end result as per the pics below. I laid in some ameoba shape tiles by using cardboards within the ruin and  flocked sands in the outer perimeter of the ruin with PVA glue. That's it! And the paint job did the rest.

It was easy to build, cost me almost nothing and yet the end result is amazing. All you need is some corrugated cardboards, slightly thick cardboards for the tiles, ready mixed filler, pva glue and sands for flocking. Most households have these items or you could just go and buy them, its dirt cheap.

I will post more on my terrain projects as I'm planning to build more soon. For now this will accompany my Crypt Ghouls in the Throwdown event this Friday. That's it for now, laters..



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