Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Blog Layout

Hopefully with the new Slaanesh Prince blog layout, I will blog more often (wishful thinking..)Ok, I've added a few stuffs to the blog, you would notice the chat box on the right side of the blog page. That's rite, just key in your name, message and click 'shout'. Maybe easier to chat with my fellow bloggers rather than comment at the post page. Also I've added a visitor tracker so I'll know who visited the blog from where and when ever.

Most of you would know I'm in Bangkok now, and will be here for quite some time. I'm pretty much settled in my condominium. It's a 3 bedroom condo and very spacious. If you guys feel like visiting the Land of Smiles, holler aight! Can crash at my place. Let me show you my hobby area.

That's it for now, more on my Bangkok exploits you can visit my other blog


  1. I love the new blog layout dude. Make sure you keep blogging and hobbying, bro. You've got a fan here! :)



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