Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cometh the Undead!

That's right! The Undead will be my new Warhammer Fantasy army and I'm planning a 2500 points strong force. Too often I went to Slice and Dice here in Bangkok and come to realise that they play Fantasy here more than 40k. What a better way to start by joining the crowd here. I had plan earlier to start a Vampire Counts army but the Space Wolves got in the way. Now that I'm almost finish with the Fenrisians, VC will be my new project, and I foresee that this might take some time to complete (family, work and pursuing my MBA at the same time, huhu..). To start I've gotten myself 2 packs of Dire Wolves and a battalion of undead are on its way from Maelstrom consisting of 2o skeletons, 20 zombies, 10 crypt ghouls and a corpse cart. Also with the imminent launch of the 8th edition version, this is the perfect time to start a Fantasy army. Below is the army list I'm planning to construct, comments and advice are welcome.

Army of Vlad (2480 pts)

Lords and Heroes
Vlad Von Carstein - 475

Necromancer - 210
- Invocation of Nehek, Raise Dead, Vanhel's Danse Macabre
- Dispel Scroll, Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone

Vampire - 165
-Tomb Blade, Dispel Scroll, Lord of the Dead

Wight King - 100
- Sword of Kings

20 Skeletons - 205
- Command, Banner of the Dead Legion

20 Skeletons - 205
- Command, Banner of the Dead Legion

20 Zombie Horde - 92
- Musician, Standard Bearer

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

20 Grave Guard - 303
-Musician, Banner of the Barrows

4 Fellbats

3 Spirit Host

Black Coach - 200
Vargulf - 175

This army is some what flexible with Vlad, Necromancer and the Vampire can help to raise unsavory Undeads and support the army. Also with so many Dark Magics coalescing around can help to pump the Black Coach and make it a monster in close combat. Not to forget Vlad himself is the most powerful Vampire around and he's strong enough to see mostly any foes supported by Grave Guards along side the Wight King. Zombies and Skeletons provide weight of numbers in combat, Dire Wolves can make dangerous flank and rear charges while the Fellbats can disrupt enemy artillery units. Finally, the Spirit Hosts (I love this ghosts so much, being Ethereal and all..),Vargulf and the Black Coach will do much needed damage to the enemy. This is prelim of course and comments and advices are welcome.


  1. hah!congrats on starting VC (cheese!) anyways, your list looks good and you've grasped the concept of the Vc playstyle (more undead the better)

    for sure, that list will be a tough nut to crack, especially if all the dark magic gets through.

    why you take wigh lord? (curious)

  2. Bro, you forgot the first rule in Fantasy, never reveal your army's secrets. Unlike 40K, where you have to tell your opponent your army list, you don't have to tell anyone, anything here. Unless, they have a special item with forces you to reveal your magical items, you can keep your secrets, spring your trap when least expected and plunge your enemies in to the darkness.
    Anyway, with new Fantasy rule coming out in a week's time, it is the best time to start a new army.

  3. Dude, that's really cool, and great to see a new post (finally!). Keep up the effort, and remember to post pics!

    I assume you're going to dip this army...? ;)

  4. Wow bro, u finally started your fantasy army :).. and u chose the cheesiest. Figures hehehe, just joking bro. Good choice.

    Giving semangat to start my lizzies now.

    Going to S&Dthis sats? Am thinkg of going both days.

  5. @Grimfang: haha, cheese ke? i tot daemons are cheeseier, hehe..Yup about time i start fantasy, been procrastinating and now time to walk the talk..wight king, yeah why do pick that?killing blow weapons i guess..

    @Doc: Oops..i mean really?..thanks for the advice dude, this is just prelim anyways..will do some tweaking later..

    @Deathkorps: i know dude, will be more active..promised..for VC i haven't started any painting yet, i've assembled the dire wolves though..yeah skeletons and zombies will look great once dipped, but will see how it goes, maybe i don't have to..btw your VC army kinda inspire me to start...can't wait to see a flying Black Coach, lol

    @Khairul: haha, yeah lets go bro, not sure sat or sunday, 40k and BFG or perhaps both?

  6. I'll bring my bfg for a demo game but also my saim-hann. Bro, aku dah book to go back on the 30th to attend legio b'day bash. How bout u?

  7. not sure bro, i might have to work that weekend..will try to work something out..

  8. Hi Pat here from Gameforge. I play VC myself.

    Skeletons are ok but for staying power, there's nothing like ghouls. At T4 they're pretty decent at holding your line. Also if you want something really nasty, plonk your wight King in the grave guard unit and make him your BSB. Then add a helm of commandment to your vamp and let him give his WS to the GG. with Banner Barrows and GWs they hit and wound on 2+. Administer much choppy death to your foes :)

  9. @ Pat: That's a great idea dude. Thanks for the advice! I'm new to VC and need all the advice i can get..



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