Friday, June 3, 2011

New Project - the Vlka Fenryka!

I'm sidetracking a bit from my Night Lords and to introduce a teaser of my upcoming project; pre-heresy Space Wolves aka Vlka Fenryka! Warhammer 30k dudes!! We already got some positive response from Legio members and other players who are already on board in this pre-heresy project. Initial suggestions to have a pre-heresy army of 1000 points beginning March 2012. I'm aiming for 1750 points but 1000 is a good start. Below is some of the test models that I converted recently.

I looked all over the internet including Space Wolves blogs and forums, most of their pre-heresy conversion were using Chaos Warriors as a basis. So this is great and I don't have to spend so much on FW stuffs. CW are suitable due to their cape attached with Wolf's fur and pelt. This will work great on pre-heresy SW as it compliments their barbaric and savage look (though they're not stupid as they appear) The Horus Heresy - Collected Visions, have tons of pre-heresy pictures and I drew some of my inspirations from there.

So the basic components for this conversion are simple; Chaos Warriors, Space Wolves sprues and Green Stuff. My main goal here is try to make them as 'hairy' as possible and most of them will have that cape. Green Stuff will help to create more fur and also to cover up any gaps.

Well this is just the beginning and quite happy with the preliminary test. I will look for other ways to make them more pre-heresy. For now I'm going to paint this test models and see how they turnout. I will post more pictures soon.

Now back to my Night Lords, only 4 Jump Assault squad and a Stormraven to finish. Then I'm good for the battlefield. Laters..


  1. Your the first to start on this project bro!!! Well done :)

    Actually we plan to start march 2012 not finish it by 2012 ok hehehe. Lets let everyone collect all the models they need and finish their current projects.

    Plus its not a compulsory 1k force. Depends on your personal commitment. Lets make this a group build to remember!!!

    Nice looking models there bro!!! u sure they're not as khwai as they look....they are space pups u know 555555.

    Kortoet na krap khun faizal lor mak mak.

  2. Korp khun mak krap bro!

    5555555 Mai pen rai pi Khairul yay poo jai. I'll start first since I'm almost done with my Night Lords. Don't worry, I'll take my time with this one and btw this is just a prelim.

  3. Vika Fenryka..sounds like a Sundanese Indonesian girl name..hahaha :p

    my 'Pre-Heresy' army shall play the role of Watcher and Custodian :)

  4. woohoo! nice work! and this one I have to watch closely (space dogs mah) I actually started mine in February ... so far have all the bits and stuff and 1st squad basecoated. We'll see the Sons of Russ soon

  5. I've only just begun my Word Bearers, but I'm with you dude. Nice putty work! Looking great thus far

  6. @ Vuel: Actually I do have a friend name Fenrika, Indonesian girl during my study in the States hehe

    Custodes, wow. That's no easy feat. What codex will u based them on?

    @spunkybass: Thanks dude! I can't wait to see ur progress as well, show some teaser in ur new and shiny blog la, hehe..

    @deathkorps: Thanks dude! Ur Word Bearers, knowing u, will turnout awesome as usual! I will update more as I progress.

  7. codex?..dunno yet..could be either Grey Knights or Black Templar..
    probably just do the models first, then decide on the codex later..

  8. I think Grey Knights would be suitable for Thousand Sons due to their aetheric abilities such as kine shields and numerous psychic powers.

    Custodes don't employ any psychic abilities as what I read in all of the heresy novels thus far. Black Templar is more suitable me thinks. But its up to u dude!



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