Sunday, June 5, 2011

Test Model Done

Well it finished sooner than expected and here it is. The painting was pretty simple which involved lots of drybrushing. I didn't do anything fancy albeit it looks good enough on the table.

For the armor, I used Chaos Black, Adeptus Battle Gray, Fortress Gray and Badab Black. First I primed the model with Chaos Black then drybrushing the whole model with ABG. Once its dry, I washed the whole model with thinned down Badab Black. Finally a drybrush of Fortress Gray to bring out that stone grey color of pre-heresy Space Wolves. I admit mine is bit darker than the normal pre-heresy color but I kinda like it this way.

The fur was based with Scorched Brown and drybrushed with Snakebite Leather. The faces were painted using Elf Flesh and and a wash of Gryphone Sepia (I love this wash!!)

Ok THAT's it for now and I really need to finish my Night Lords Stormraven and four more Jump marines before I got pulled further into this project. Laters..


  1. The fur came out FANTASTIC dude! Well done!


  2. Yes, it does look a bit darker than the usual hue. But they look nice bro!!!

    Good start to your 30k force :)

    Dii mak mak



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