Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Night Lords Update

Well, I don't know what happened to my last post, it just simply vanished. We can forget about that and move on. I wasn't really hobbying this past one week, basically taking care of my wife needs since we having triplets. I can't imagine when the babies comes, I don't think I can hobby at all if I don't manage my time properly. Got to do some serious organization change!

Enough of that, here's some of my Night Lords updates. I finished with the pre-heresy Land Raider. Not so thrill on the paint job, but considering it's a scratch built, I think it looks great on the table. Take a peek below.

Also I did finished on some of the First Claw squad. Noticed one Night Lord in a Blood Angels plate. It just to show that this rag tag rabble of the previous Night Lords 10th company, was reduced to scavenging other loyal Chapters or traitor legions for equipments, long after the heresy. I've decided to treat them as the Death Company in this Blood Angel based army. I had a try run game 2 weeks ago, imagine six DC with a Chaplain, charged and wiped out a squad of 10 Nurgle Terminators in single assault phase! Stuff of legends right there!

I'm currently working on the Night Lord's Sorcerer/Librarian. I'm halfway done and will post some pictures soon. Laters..


  1. looking nice bro..when are you gonna be back for good?

  2. Thanks bro! Shud be back by mid next year.

  3. Yeah....was trying to make a post on your earlier post but coulnt go through.

    Triplets?? Wow, congrats to both of u bro :)
    My regards to the mrs na krap.

    Nice work on the NL LR!!! An good to see your force growing at a faster rate than mine .....

    Bro, dah baca the new 2nd LR book?

  4. Thank u bro!! Alhamdulillah, finally. Now kene jaga the Mrs with extra care.

    2nd LR book? U mean the new Night Lords book ke? If yes, no I haven't bro. Just finished reading The First Heretic.
    A bit draggy but you'll likely learned how the Word Bearers architect the whole heresy. Could be my next project, heresy Word Bearers.

  5. 2nd night lords book. Continuation from soul hunter, blood reaver. This time with red hue for the cover. Very nice cover!!! Bought it but havent even opened the plastic covering yet.

    Hey!!! I loved the first heretic!!! Best book in the heresy line methinks.

    Am also thinking of doing a pre-heresy legion after my angels. Jom bro :)

  6. Congrats bro.. Having a twin myself, I think I can imagine how your life will be when they're born hahaha..

    Aniway.. That is a nice looking LR. I doubt anyone will notice it's a scratchbuilt on the 1st glance. Great job bro..

  7. @Khairul: Ok, jom! Pre-heresy it is then! I recalled that Jeff is doing Word Bearers, so I've decided to do the Vlka Fenryka aka Space Wolves! I'm taking my time with this project, might go on till 2012. Project will commence in 2 months time. How bout u bro?

    Btw anyone else interested in doing pre-heresy army?

    @Lord AK: Thanks bro!! Ni kene mintak petua from an experienced twin daddy, hehe.

  8. alaaaa buat la something different than 'me kill.u die'

    Emperor's children bro!!!

    aku buat lunar wolves :)

  9. Haha Emperor's Children! Susah la bro. I'm not a clean painter, not like u..actually already bought stuffs for the Space Wolves legion, so im sticking to the me wolf,me strong..

    Awesome bro Lunar Wolves, so many inspirations and examples from the Collected Vision Heresy book..

  10. That Land Raider is PIMP!

    Once my Krieg are done I'll probably pop back on to the Word Bearers (that, or Beastmen!)

  11. That's scratch built? niiiice! Your army and my Thousand Sons should fight side by side ... would look awesome!

    btw, talking about transports, you got enough space for the triplets?

  12. @Deathkorps: Thanks dude! Good to hear u getting better. Do your Word Bearers, I'm starting my pre-heresy project in 2 months time.

    @Spunkybass: Thanks bro! Yup, it will be an awesome sight!

    Space haha, planning to get a bigger car here in bkk, maybe a MPV

  13. Toyota Innova is best MPV bro ;)



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