Thursday, April 28, 2011

Attic Studio Summer 40k Tourney. Roll call for the Cadian 7th!

Hi guys, this Sunday, May 1st, will marked the long awaited Summer 40k Tournament by Attic Studio, Bangkok. It's going to be bloody, gore-drenched day with 15 participants entering the tournament. The awesomeness of this tourney due to the fact that it emphasizes on the hobby aspect as well with rules such as; no proxies allowed and models have to be partially painted, almost similar to Legio rulepacks. I'll be fielding my Cadian 7th after a really long break, it's high time the Imperial Guard enter the fray once more! I will update more on the tourney soon and also some Night Lords updates. Enjoy the long weekend guys, I know I would!


  1. Good luck at the tournament dude! I don't remember you mentioning this tourney before- had you made an earlier post about it?

  2. No dude, this is the first post. The reason was, first, I almost not going to join myself due to my sisters visiting me that weekend. But they got their plans worked out so I'm free to join. Secondly, I wanted to tell u guys about it, but by the time I knew about the tourney, its almost full and there's like 2 spots left. I will checkout the tourney, and maybe we can get Legio members to join in next year or any upcoming tourneys

  3. Ah, that's what I thought. I was just going to say it's a shame we didn't know about this tourney sooner. A flight to Bangkok isn't that much really, and a tournament would be a great way to get a small Legion invasion going... :)

    Be sure to take plenty of pics and tell all about the aftermath!

  4. thanks bro!! I'm goin to miss u in bkk bro! Wan lang pom kan mai krap!!



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