Monday, March 28, 2011

Scratch Built MK 1 Land Raider (Pre-Heresy)

For my Night Lords project, I want to spice up the army by adding something special and rare nowadays in the 41st millennium. And my thought immediately focused on a Space Marine vehicle; a MK 1 Pre-Heresy Land Raider. I found a scratch built template in a Yahoo! group and started to work on it right after. Unfortunately, unlike the previous scratch built titan, this template provides no instruction on how to build the LR. You have to use your wits and a bit of creative touch to finish it. But overall its not that difficult; hey if I can do it, most of you most definitely can! Feast on the pictures below.

I got these LR doors from Forge World, solely for this project. A bit pricey for a scratch built but I want that Night Lords look to it, so what the hell!

Below is the LR construction, phase by phase.

So what do you guys think? This will work great for those building a pre-heresy army. I will post more pictures once I finish painting it. I've posted the template on the Download section (upper right side) Laters..


  1. Wow- that's a nice scratch build dude! Kickin' it old skool

  2. hey, it looks like the real thing!
    can I have the template too, please?

    anyway, heard you're coming back sometime this it true?

  3. Thanks guys!

    @Vuel: Yup I'm coming back from 3rd till 14th April, hope legio is open on the 8th. Can't wait to see u guys..its been awhile.

    The template is at the right side of this blog, under Slaanesh Prince Download

  4. I'll make sure we're open on the 8th dude! :)

  5. Nice job bro. Where the hell you get all those templates?
    Stay a few more days, can witness KII on the 16th.

  6. Thanks dude! if i tell u tutup bisnes la! hehe i wished i could stay but i have to be back by 14th coz have to work the next day :(

  7. Nice work bro!!! U really r the master of scratch building :)

    How many LR will u have in yr list? Any scratch built storm ravens planned??

  8. thank you bro! u'll be amazed what people would do to get things cheaply! hehe

    Only one dude. Storm Raven? now that's a good idea, already have the template as a matter of fact..

  9. Wow.. just wow. That looks just like Azlan's..



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