Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Night Lords Update

I know its been 4 weeks since my last blog entry, but seriously I've been hobbying especially with my Night Lords and just don't have the time (more like lazy..) to update my blog. As mentioned in my previous blog entry, my Night Lords will be loosely based on the Blood Angels Codex since I wanted this army to fit the fluff as per the Soul Hunter novel. Here's the current army list, 1750 points strong:

Night Lords 10th Compaby (Soul Hunter) 1742 pts

The Exalted - Astorah the Grim


Talos, the Prophet - Sanguinory Priest, Power Weapon

Atramentar - 5 Assault Terminators, 2 SH,TH

'Seventh Claw' Tactical Squad - 10 Tactical Marines, Flamer, Meltagun

'Sixth Claw' Assault Squad - 9 Jump Assault Marines , P.Fist, Infernus Pistol, Meltagun


'First Claw' Elite Squad - 7 Vanguard Veterans, Sergeant with Power Weapon, 2 Power Weapon, P.Fist

Storm Raven Gunship

Predator - Twinlinked Lascannon , Sponson Heavy Bolter

Land Raider 'Storm's Eye' - Multi Melta

Rhino 'Carpe Noctum'

Well, not your everyday cheesy list, but I think its playable and can be a competitive list and most importantly I really wanted it to fit the fluff from the novel. I was thinking of fielding Baal Preds in this army but then again Night Lords don't have access to that vehicle. The Stormraven however can be utilized since it was mentioned in the novel that Septimus (the Legion serf) piloted a drop ship that was similar to the Stormraven.

Moving on, this is Talos the Prophet, former Apothecary of the 10th company. I did some conversion using a Chaos Warrior back, Space Wolves power weapon, and some bits from the Vampire Counts zombie sprues. The fur on the shoulders were sculpted using epoxy putty. I'm quite happy with the result, probably it was not the best but I think its tabletop quality.

More pictures below.

'Seventh Claw' Tactical Squad

'Atramentar' Terminators

'Carpe Noctum' Seventh Claw Rhino

Well, that's my update so far. I'm ecstatic with my current progress and can't wait to see the Night Lords in action. Oh, I'll be going back to Malaysia from 3rd April till 14th April. Hope to see you guys soon, and hopefully I can finish this army by then. Death to the False Emperor!


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Nicely done dude

  2. Nice progress bro. All I've been doing is sitting on my ass waiting for bits to arrive.
    Keep it up.

  3. Nice work bro!!

    I'm hoping to bring my saim-hann back to bkk so we can have a few 40k games. I'm sooooo rusty. Also to game with the guys at BB.

    See u sat nite.

  4. Korp Khun mak krap guys! Can't wait to see this guys in action.

    @Khairul: Yesss! The Farseer has return finally! I will see u this Saturday dude.



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