Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fear The Night!

After reading Soul Hunter by Aaron Dembski Bowden, I'm happy to announced that I'm starting a new project; the Night Lords Legion! This novel really opened up my eyes on the once loyal legion and why it went rogue against the Imperium. I'm so intrigued by the book and even read it twice! A brief synopsis, the novel was mainly about the ragtag remnants of the Night Lords 10th Company lead by the Exalted (former 10th Captain) and his prophet Talos, a former Apothecary. Talos was somewhat favored by their murdered Primarch Konrad Curze as he shared Konrad's ability to see the future. Talos has to save whatever left of his Legion from the Imperium, rival Legions and the taint of the Ruinous Powers simultaneously.

I will not base this army on the CSM codex and will be using the Blood Angels Codex instead. The reason for this was that in the novel I noticed that the Night Lords of the 10th Company still utilizing equipments such as Drop Pods and flyer transports that resembles the Storm Raven. The Night Lords are known for their terror tactics whilst engaging their enemy through short range skirmishes and brutal close quarters fighting. The BA Codex will fit the fluff perfectly. Also another worthy note, the Night Lords of the 10th marooned in the Eye of Terror after the Heresy and for them its only been only a few decades after the Heresy whereas in reality its already been 10000 years. So they still maintain pre-heresy Astartes tactics such as the usage of tactical squads and Company organization.

I've already started the project about a week ago and managed to finished up the first tactical squad 'Seventh Claw' led by Sergeant Adhemar. Take a peek below.

I'm happy with the Seventh Claw turnout, which motivates me to proceed to the next part; the Assault Terminators or the 'Atramentar'. The Atramentar are the personal Terminator bodyguards of the Exalted and most of them are equipped with thunder hammers and lightning claws. I finished up with one Atramentar terminator as per below.

I have other things in mind such as the jump pack assault squads but one thing at a time. After finishing my Vampire Counts and Space Wolves, the Night Lords will be a breath of fresh air and really looking forward to work with this fluff army. Ave Dominus Nox!


  1. Very cool dude! Night Lords was one of my final choices for Kindred, and I ended up not doing that and going with something else instead. Did you use the dip on these guys?

    If you haven't already, you should read Lord of the Night as well... :)

  2. Thanks Jeff! Nope, no dip this time, lol! Yep, I just love the fluff on the Night Lords, basically they just hate everyone!

    I'm going to get that book today after work.

  3. Nice bases bro. Love colour choice also.
    I haven't read the book yet....in fact I have never read any Warhamer books at all. Maybe I am so involved with them models only.
    Are you coming for K2?

  4. Thanks Doc! I won't be coming for K2 but i'll be in Malaysia for 2 weeks before K2 (3rd April till 13th April). Yeah, go take a read, you'll see more of unexplored universe of 40k or WFB.

  5. Those are really really nice bro!!!

    How many points r u going for? The stnd 1750?

    Bring them next time we meet ok :)

  6. wow, another new army?..you've been way too productive in bangkok, dude!..good stuff!

  7. @Khairul: Thanks bro!! Yep standard 1750.

    @Vuel: haha, I can't help it bro! The fluff is too good to not do anything about it :) plus i have extra CSM minis, might as well do something productive.

  8. Nicely done bro. Hope to see more from you.
    Maybe we can meet up for teh tarik when I get back.

  9. Thanks Ivan!I'll be home in April, hope to see u then. So any new projects?



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