Monday, January 12, 2009

Lash Hammer against Azlan

Azlan was kindly enough to allow me and Subhan to have a few rounds of 4ok at his home. I played 2 games with Lan and lost both. Well you can't beat the master at his own turf, hehe. But anyways the first game was a close one with his Thousand Sons in which it was a killpoint game, 4-3 in favor of Lan. Both of us have abysmal dice roles and it would have been a draw if I'd kill the last two remaining TS models. My DP only managed to destroyed his land raiders sponsons lascannon. My noise marines managed to kill all his assaulting TS which is quite an achievement and my LR FINALLY managed to killed of his DP after he wiped out my Oblits unit to oblivion! It was a fun game indeed. Lesson learned, Land Raiders are gooooood..

Second game was against his Eldar and mission was Siege Ground with 5 objectives. I don't quite remember how the game went, but I do remember how my LR and Oblits managed to shot his Falcons and Fire Prism (destroyed prism cannon). The biggest mistake was moving my Rhino with 10 CSM to contest for an objective deep in his deployment territory. They got wiped out by his Banshees. And the second biggest mistake was not finishing off his 1 remaining ranger located near a wood which was close to an objective. In the last turn the lone ranger managed to contest even though I had my land raider there with a NM squad inside. At the end of turn 5 Lan managed to hold 2 objectives and I can turn things around if the game continue to turn 6. Subhan had the honour of rolling the dice, and the result..................................................................................he roll a one! And the game ends..huhuhu

And Lan, thanks for the table!

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