Monday, December 8, 2014

Pre Heresy Emperor's Children: Scimitar Jetbikes Completed

It took me awhile, but managed to finish the 1st scimitar jetbike squadron during the weekend. I can say its been a labor of love thus far and I really enjoy painting the sons of Fulgrim in comparison to my Vlka Fenryka. I'm  particularly satisfied how the purple turns out and don't mind to have settled for a clean painting finishing rather the extreme weathering style for most of miniature collections.

The squad is lead by Sergeant Ilios Maros, and the white heraldry on his power armor helmet and stripes at the front portion of his jetbike, marked his veteran status among his squad members. Also, his aquila etched on his breastplate further signify his status and his artificer armor. 

I've also used decals from various sets to further signify these Emperor's Children company. The Emperor's Children symbol on their left shoulder pads were from Chaos Space Marines decal set, and the III symbols from Imperial Guard Leman Russ set. I begin with a light coat of Ard'coat on the decal's surface. After the decal is positioned and dried, a light spray of Tamiya Flat Clear to reduced the gloss of Ard'coat and the decal. To further bring out the decal effect, I lightly paint over the decals.

I'm trying to maximize my resources as much as I can because building a Pre Heresy army from my part of the world, is not cheap. Furthermore, I have tons of those decals and about high time I use them for something. To reflect this cost cutting effort, the next Tactical Squad will be a mixture of FW models with my existing CSM models and at the same time maintaining the Pre Heresy aesthetic, I will post more on that later.

Next, will be the 21st Millennial's 2nd Company Captain (Praetor) Amori Sendax. Hopefully, I can finish him by the end of the week. Have also other projects in my mind, like building another scratch built Warhound Titan specially for the 21st Millennial Titan cohorts...laters..



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