Monday, October 13, 2014

Praefector Alkanex- Emperor's Children

I've finished assembling and painting the Praefector last weekend. Painting him was fairly easy, similar to other Emperor's Children legionnaires. I try to distinguished him from the rest of his squad, signifying his heroic and loyal service to the III legion. Alkanex's power armor is a Mark IV pattern and equipped with the more advanced Anvilus pattern life support pack. He has the honor of carrying the sacred Aquila symbol on his breastplate and a customised shoulder pad with the legion winged symbol (also representing his artificer armor). Finally, I armed with a finely crafted power axe to further signify his veteran status among his squad.

The model was kit bashed from various sprues as per below:
1) Legs and backpack: Chaos Space Marines
2) Torso and pouch: Space Marines
3) Head, winged shoulder, power axe and bolter: Sanguinary Guard BAs

I wanted him to look regal befitting an Emperor's Children veteran legionnaire, and the Sang. Guard sprues worked perfectly. Of course I have to scrape off the Blood Angels signia and symbols but it wasn't difficult. CSM parts will help to maintain the heresy look and yes the Anvilus backpack is already in service during the great crusade.

Praefector Alkanex leading his squad
Enjoy the pics and will see you guys in the next post. Laters..

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