Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vlka Fenryka Update

This is where my pre heresy army stands at the moment. A few more stuffs and the army will be good for 1000 points. Pending completion as follows:

1) 1 Pre Heresy Rhino
2) 1 Wolf Guard Terminator
3) 1 Grey Hunter for Asgier's pack
4) 5 Long Fangs
5) 1 Drop Pod

I just ordered 4 pre heresy missile launchers from Forgeworld last week and it should arrive anytime soon. Can't wait to work on that! Tentatively everything should be finish by end of March, but then again will see hot it goes. In the mean time enjoy the pics below and comments are welcome. Laters..

Tra Company (Third Company)

Sigurd Wolfbane Wolf Guards

Hakon Gudbrand pack

Asgier Longspear pack

Rune priest, Ulvurul and Helwintr


  1. wow, looks like you're gonna be the first one to complete this pre-heresy project.

  2. Hehe, it was bcoz i had an early head start..have any of u guys started?

  3. not yet..concentrating on K3 first..

  4. You're a beast! Awesome progress!

    I haven't started yet, but I will be next week. I'm doing a 10 week Ork project that will be my pre-heresy army. After all, the Astartes need something to fight that's "historically correct" since there's no such thing as Chaos Marines, Tau, Necrons, Tyranids, etc... Orks it is!!

    1. Thanks dude!! Orks, good decision bro, yeah somebody got to step up the plate and do xenos rather than Astartes. But is a pity we won't see your pre-heresy Word Bearers..maybe u can do both hehe..Good luck with the Orks dude, keep us posted!

  5. Not only the 1st to complete. But one very well done too. My 13th Co. was left so far behind.

    Good job bro.

    1. Thanks bro! Why don't you join with your 13th Company? Together with my 3rd Company we can destroy those Thousand Sons whelps..or maybe you doing World Eaters??



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