Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scratch Built Warhound Titan

Happy New Year everyone! The title says it all. Yep, a scratch built titan! I was cleaning up my lap top for trash files and I found out that I've a blueprint cutout to build a Lucius Pattern Warhound. So why not start the new year by building this titan. I have other projects in the pipeline including a Cadian 7th Armored Company but I'll start with the titan for now. Like most scratch build models, you just need the basics; A4 cardboard paper, PVA glue, scissors, spare sprues and patience.

Its pretty easy building it and the only hard part was waiting for the glue to dry up which can be time consuming. First, I printed the cutout on the A4 cardboard paper, cut it out and ready for assembly.

I started the assembly process parts by parts and I started off with the titan foot, shin and leg.

The second phase were assembling the warhound's waist and leg brace.

The final phase, assembling the body, hull, head and titan weapons. You can fit the warhound with 2 weapons from 4 weapon selections, I choose the Turbo Laser Destructor and Vulcan Mega Bolter

I haven't decided on the color scheme for the warhound but I primed it nonetheless with Tamiya Luftwaffe Grey Violet spray.

That's about it folks. It took me 2 days to finish the assembly but seriously it wasn't that hard and it cost me dirt to build it lol! I've shared the PDF file on Scribd, check out this link DIY Warhound Template. I would like to thank JSV (dunno his full name) for the template and finally always support Games Workshop and its affiliates. May the new year brings more bloodshed in the 41st millennium! For the Emperor!



  1. What the?
    Bro, dashyat la. Total cost, if I may ask?

  2. Hehe, total cost RM 20++ excluding the paint. I think the paint cost more that the titan lol!

  3. Templates like this make it a wonder how Forgeworld stays in business. Sure, their models look sharp, but several hundred dollars more than this? I think not.

    What legion are you going to paint it up as?

  4. Well if you want the looks and willing to pay up go buy forgeworld, I certainly don't have the bucks for these.

    I'm still deciding on the Legion. The Titan will be a support unit in my IG Cadian 7th Battle Group, for Apoc that is.

  5. Awesome work bro.. cant wait to see the finer detail.. I see u have decided to join me in making thing with card board..Huzzah!!!. Let build up our our MAR foundry online. Im starting to feel motivated to build a thunderhawk now thanks to you... hhmm.

  6. Hehehe nice one bro. I still find the Forgeworld one worth it. Though I must admit, yours would be faster to build and assemble than the resin from Forgeworld. Waiting for my bonus this year for me to get myself a Reaver from them and if the bonus is good enough perhaps another Warhound.

  7. @dif2find: Thanks bro. Online Mars foundry, hehe. I'm painting it rite now, and planning to build another one after that. Good luck wit your Thunderhawk!

    @Darkpenampar: Hehe, thanks bro! I'm planning to get at least one from Forgeworld maybe sometime in the future, but for now I'm pretty content with scratch built.

    Reaver!?? Another Warhound!?? melampau betul hang nih!, lol

  8. @faizal- i respect you bro for completing the warhound.. Apa nak buat bro kita kena manufacture sendiri...

    @ rizal- ko ni memang power la bro.. nak beli reaver pulak..



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