Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Word Bearers Legion - First project for 2022

 I'll always begin the new year with a new hobby project, and this time will be the legion that orchestrated the Horus Heresy itself - the Word Bearers. I've always fascinated with this legion, being the baddest of them all but there's a certain tragedy to them. They were the most loyal of all the legions until the Emperor chastised them for revering him as a god. I mean, they could be a better diplomatic way to tell them to stop, but NOO, you chastised them after they've worked so so hard to build the Imperium. I don't have to tell you the outcome of that result...

I've decided to themed my Bearers beginning with the assault on Calth and towards the end of the Heresy when they all have embraced Chaos. I guess this will be easier as I can mix match bits and sprues from my Chaos Space Marines collection. The three models below will be my HQ choices which is the Praetor, Chaplain and Diabolist. I'm quite happy with my conversion and paintjob on these traitors. They have that evil malevolence and grimdark feel to them 😈

Hope to field them in my upcoming 30k game soon. Till then...




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