Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Word Bearers Legion - First project for 2022

 I'll always begin the new year with a new hobby project, and this time will be the legion that orchestrated the Horus Heresy itself - the Word Bearers. I've always fascinated with this legion, being the baddest of them all but there's a certain tragedy to them. They were the most loyal of all the legions until the Emperor chastised them for revering him as a god. I mean, they could be a better diplomatic way to tell them to stop, but NOO, you chastised them after they've worked so so hard to build the Imperium. I don't have to tell you the outcome of that result...

I've decided to themed my Bearers beginning with the assault on Calth and towards the end of the Heresy when they all have embraced Chaos. I guess this will be easier as I can mix match bits and sprues from my Chaos Space Marines collection. The three models below will be my HQ choices which is the Praetor, Chaplain and Diabolist. I'm quite happy with my conversion and paintjob on these traitors. They have that evil malevolence and grimdark feel to them 😈

Hope to field them in my upcoming 30k game soon. Till then...




Monday, February 21, 2022

I'm still here! Alive and "hobbying"!

8 years...has it been that long since my last post here? Sorry blog, I've abandoned you for far too long. Hopefully I can post regularly from now on. The last 8 years, things have come and go, so it seems. Warhammer Fantasy is gone and replaced by Age of Sigmar (AOS), and 40k was revamped to a degree in 9th edition I'm ok with the change but some of my veteran hobby colleagues are a bit hesitant. I'm more into 30k now (played almost every other week!) but the with the advent of the new Aeldari Codex, I might be playing more 40k. (and yes! I've started an Eldar force!) 

As for me, I've continued "hobbying" and rolling them dices and also more armies have been added to my collection; Emperor's Children (came and went, sold it!), Thousand Sons and as mentioned above, Aeldari. There are also updates on my existing armies such as my Space Wolves. The good thing of not posting in a while is that I have tons of material to post especially my completed projects. I'm happy with GW and where they stood right now, I think they're going in the right direction especially with their rollout of new and gorgeous miniatures, specialist games and edition updates. It is a good time indeed to be in the 40k/30k and AOS universe at the moment!

Oh, I've also started dabbling in scale modelling as well, particularly with World War 2 models. I will post them when I have the time. In the meantime, do checkout my Instagram posts in  the widget I've added to the sidebar on my blog ----------->

Till then..

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pre Heresy Emperor's Children: Scimitar Jetbikes Completed

It took me awhile, but managed to finish the 1st scimitar jetbike squadron during the weekend. I can say its been a labor of love thus far and I really enjoy painting the sons of Fulgrim in comparison to my Vlka Fenryka. I'm  particularly satisfied how the purple turns out and don't mind to have settled for a clean painting finishing rather the extreme weathering style for most of miniature collections.

The squad is lead by Sergeant Ilios Maros, and the white heraldry on his power armor helmet and stripes at the front portion of his jetbike, marked his veteran status among his squad members. Also, his aquila etched on his breastplate further signify his status and his artificer armor. 

I've also used decals from various sets to further signify these Emperor's Children company. The Emperor's Children symbol on their left shoulder pads were from Chaos Space Marines decal set, and the III symbols from Imperial Guard Leman Russ set. I begin with a light coat of Ard'coat on the decal's surface. After the decal is positioned and dried, a light spray of Tamiya Flat Clear to reduced the gloss of Ard'coat and the decal. To further bring out the decal effect, I lightly paint over the decals.

I'm trying to maximize my resources as much as I can because building a Pre Heresy army from my part of the world, is not cheap. Furthermore, I have tons of those decals and about high time I use them for something. To reflect this cost cutting effort, the next Tactical Squad will be a mixture of FW models with my existing CSM models and at the same time maintaining the Pre Heresy aesthetic, I will post more on that later.

Next, will be the 21st Millennial's 2nd Company Captain (Praetor) Amori Sendax. Hopefully, I can finish him by the end of the week. Have also other projects in my mind, like building another scratch built Warhound Titan specially for the 21st Millennial Titan cohorts...laters..

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pre Heresy Emperor's Children: Tactical Squad Completed

It took me some time but I managed to finish painting the squad last weekend. I loved how the squad turned out especially the purple element really worked with the gold contrast. I named this squad as Squad Alkanex in honor of their praefector. Below are more pics of the squad. Appreciate your comments guys.

Next, I will start work on the Scimitar jetbikes. I've been hearing comments on how ugly the jetbike looks, not sleek enough but personally I love it (plus I'm paying quite a premium for these). I'm done with the jetbikes' bases and will work on the jetbikes soon enough. Till then, laters..


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